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STIS Throughput

Throughput is end-to-end effective area divided by the geometric area of an unobstructed 2.4 meter aperture.

STIS Integrated System Throughput Curves

Mode Detectors Optical Elements
Imaging CCD All Visible filters
Imaging NUV-MAMA All NUV filters
Imaging NUV-MAMA MgII vs. CN270
Imaging NUV-MAMA CIII vs. CN182
Imaging FUV-MAMA All FUV filters
Imaging FUV-MAMA LyA vs. (Clear-SrF2)
Spectroscopy All Low Resolution Gratings
Spectroscopy All All Gratings

Throughput curves linked above typically have 5% accuracy.

In imaging mode, unfiltered STIS throughput exceeds WFPC2 throughput. For visible light imaging, ACS should have better throughput than STIS.

Visible light throughput curves for unfiltered STIS MAMA detectors show that the FUV-MAMA is effectively solar blind, though long wavelength contamination in cool stars can be significant in imaging mode.

Updated throughput estimates for CCD imaging modes (unfiltered and F28X50LP) were implemented in the pipeline on 2001-Jul-11.