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[06/27/2013] Header Keyword MTFLAG Found to be Incorrectly Set in Some Observations

An update to the archive logic at the end of 2012 has resulted in the moving target keyword (a flag value of True or False) to be incorrectly set for some datasets taken since Jan 1, 2013. The affected data are those exposures taken with a generic target in parallel. The value of the MTFLAG keyword in the data header is important for Astrodrizzle processing. Astrodrizzle uses this keyword to decide on the appropriate WCS , and subsequently the shifts, to apply to images while constructing a mosaic. This will not affect any single images processed through Astrodrizzle to remove just the geometric distortion. When a fix for the logic error has been installed, the archive will reprocess the affected data. In the mean time, users who believe their data has been affected may update the value of the MTFLAG in their FLT image headers and reprocess locally.

PIs of the affected programs will be contacted by the Institute.