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WF/PC-1 Filter Scans

Measured: December 1994

The following file naming conventions are used for the filter scan files:

    f   - filter
    aaa - central wavelength
    b   - n, w, or m for narrow, wide or medium
    c   - 1-5 indicates number of the passband spectral scan.  
	- b indicates blocking curve on a logarithmic scale.

The passband has been measured at five positions on each filter. The scan number indicates the position on the filter (and in the WFC field of view) as follows:

	|WF2  1  WF1|
	|     |     |
	|     |     |
	|WF3  3  WF4|

Scan 5 is at the center of the filter, corresponding to the pyramid apex. The other four scans are at the middle of each side of the filter, corresponding to the pyramid ridges separating the four cameras, as indicated.

Blocking curves are taken at the center of the filter only.Data courtesy of J.Trauger at JPL.

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The WF/PC-1 Filter Scans.

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