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The Evolution Of Low Luminosity Galaxies And Faint Blue Galaxies
Are Faint Blue Galaxies Really Dwarfs?

- David Koo

The key questions I would like addressed in my section include:

1) What are the remaining plausible models that explain the faint blue
   counts in both the field and cluster and are dwarfs necessary in
   these models?  How much evolution is actually needed?

2) If the plausible explanations include dwarfs, what RELIABLE
   observational evidence do we have TODAY of their presence (vs merger
   remnants,e.g.,) and significance, in the local universe and
   especially as a function of redshift?

My talk will hopefully provoke and start some discussions by:

1) Showing how well we can explain the bulk of faint galaxy
observations with traditional luminosity evolution MODELS, with no
need for new populations, unusual amounts of luminosity evolution, or

2) Showing some Keck redshift and kinematic data of very faint blue
galaxies, as well as complementary HST structure and morphology that
address the issue of faint blue galaxies being dwarfs.