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The Evolution Of Low Luminosity Galaxies And Faint Blue Galaxies
Star Formation Histories of dIs

- Evan Skillman

The session will focus on the following questions:

* "Do the nearby low surface brightness galaxies provide a good representation
       of the general present day low surface brightness population?"
* "Are dI SFHs better described as constant, or bursting?"
* "Are the dwarf LSB galaxies potential hosts to BCGs?" - Chris Taylor
* "What do we know about detailed SFHs of nearby dIs?"
* "What is the best time resolution that we can hope to gain from CMDs
       of nearby dIs?" - Antonio Aparicio
* "What can we hope for with multiwavelength HST data of nearby dIs?"
       - Eline Tolstoy
* Finally, Robbie Palmer will present some preliminary results from
      HST observations of Sextans A.