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Colloquia - Spring 2005

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Date Speaker/Title
Apr., 06, 2005 Carolyn Porco, University of Arizona
Splendor in the Rings: What Cassini Found When it Got to Saturn
Apr., 13, 2005 Alan Dressler, OCIW
To Be Announced
Apr., 20, 2005 David Neufeld, JHU
To Be Announced
Apr., 27, 2005 Jonathan Tan, ETH Zurich
The Formation of Massive Stars and Star Clusters
Feb. 02, 2005 Marcella Carollo, ETH Zurich
To Be Announced
Feb., 09, 2005 Nick Scoville, CalTech
The COSMOS HST Treasury Survey
Feb., 16, 2005 To Be Announced
Feb., 26, 2005 Patrick Cote, HIA, National Research Council Canada
The ACS Virgo Cluster Survey
Jan., 05, 2005 No Colloquium
Jan., 12, 2005 Brad Peterson, OSU
The Masses of Black Holes in Active Galactic Nuclei
Jan., 19, 2005 To Be Announced
Jan., 26, 2005 Glennys Farrar, NYU
To Be Announced
June 01, 2005 Dave Meyer, Northwestern
Small-Scale Structure in the Diffuse Interstellar Medium
Mar. 02, 2005 Davie Spergel, Princeton
Cosmology After WMAP
Mar. 09, 2005 David Weinberg, OSU
Understanding Galaxy Clustering
Mar. 16, 2005 Romeel Dave, University of Arizona
Simulations of High-Redshift Galaxy Formation
Mar. 23, 2005 Ray Arvidson, WUSL
Spirit and Opportunity: The Mars Exploration Rover Mission
Mar., 30, 2005 Rosemary Wyse, JHU
To Be Announced
May 11, 2005 Michael Shara, AMNH
To Be Announced
May 18, 2005 Kailash Sahu, STScI
Worlds in Transit
May 25, 2005
To Be Announced
May, 04, 2005 No Colloquium
Wed., June 8, 2005 Kris Davidson
An Astrophysical Counter-paradigm: Eta Carinae and its Treasury Project