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Colloquia - Spring 2006

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Date Speaker/Title
Apr., 05, 2006 David Charbonneau, Harvard
Seeing the Light from Extrasolar Planets
Apr., 12, 2006 Jim Peebles, Princeton
Successes and Problems with the Standard Cosmology
Apr., 19, 2006 Sandy Faber, UCO/Lick Observatory
The Origin of Elliptical Galaxies
Apr., 26, 2006 Paul Kalas, Berkeley
The Architecture of Planetary Systems revealed by Debris Disk Imaging
Feb. 01, 2006 Rocky Kolb, Fermilab
Dark Matter and Dark Energy
Feb., 08, 2006 Mike A'Hearn, University of Maryland
Deep Impact: Results from a "Simple" Experiment
Feb., 15, 2006 No Colloquium
Caroline Herschel Distinguished Lecture
Feb., 22, 2006 Jeff Valenti, STScI
Observational Constraints on Models of Giant Planet Formation
Jan., 04, 2006 No Colloquium (Winter Break)
Jan., 11, 2006 No Colloquium (AAS Meeting)
Jan., 18, 2006 Mike Regan, STScI
Gas Inflow and Secular Evolution in Disk Galaxies
Jan., 25, 2006 Raja Guhathakurta, UCO/Lick Observatory
The Extended Stellar Halo of the Andromeda Spiral Galaxy
Mar. 01, 2006 Brent Christner, Montana State University
Habitats for Life in Glacial Environments
Mar. 08, 2006 Alceste Bonanos, DTM, CIW
The First DIRECT Distance to a Detached Eclipsing Binary in M33
Mar. 15, 2006 Meg Urry
Mar. 22, 2006 Steve Zepf, Michigan State University
Globular Clusters and the Formation Histories of Their Host Galaxies
Mar., 29, 2006 Hiranya Peiris, University of Chicago
Constraining Early Universe Physics with Cosmological Data
May 10, 2006 No Colloquium
2006 May Symposium
May 17, 2006 Lynne Hillenbrand, Caltech
Clusters, Stars, Disks, and Planets
May 24, 2006 Shardha Jogee, University of Texas
GEMS: Evolution of Bars over the Last 8 Gyr and Implications for CDM Halos
May, 03, 2006 Neal Dalal, CITA
Probing Dark Matter Halos with Gravitational Lensing