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Space Astronomy Summer Program
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Space Astronomy Summer Program

The Space Astronomy Summer Program primarily serves college undergraduates from the U.S. and other countries between their junior and senior years. We also accept exceptional undergraduate students in earlier years and beginning graduate students. If you think you would benefit from our program, we encourage you to apply.

Nine weeks is a short time to complete a project. We have found that students who have a strong background in astronomy, mathematics, and/or physics; hands-on experience with astronomical data and analysis; research experience; the ability to work independently; confidence in their limits; and are not afraid to ask for help are the most successful. However, none of these qualities or skills is a requirement.

As we review applications, we are looking for bright, motivated individuals who can take full advantage of this unique opportunity.

Submitting Your Online Application

Applications will be accepted January 1-31, 2018. When applications are open, please:

Complete a Profile

Your complete contact information, academic background, and work and research experience.

Write an Essay

A creative 500 to 1,000-word statement about yourself, your goals, your interest in science, and why you are interested in an internship.

Provide References

Contact information for two references so we may request letters of recommendation. We will contact them directly after receiving your application.

The Selection Process

The selection process takes approximately six weeks. In addition to assessing applicants, we also match their skills and interests to the available projects and supervisors. You will not be able to review the status of your application during our review process. Please be patient. If your question is urgent, please contact

We contact candidates based on the email address listed in the application; please monitor that account. Please accept or decline our offer by the deadline listed, which is approximately five business days after we send the letter at the beginning of March.

If you accept, a member of our Human Resources department will ask you to send additional information regarding your travel, housing, and immigration needs, and then begin working with you to book transportation, arrange housing, and coordinate your visa. This staff will also answer any additional questions you may have and put you in contact with your project mentor.

Each year we receive more than 500 complete applications like yours and the majority of them are very good. There is simply more demand for the opportunities we offer than we can supply. If you are not accepted, we encourage you to consider applying again next year.