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HSTCAL Download

The HSTCAL package consists entirely of C libraries and the C code for CALACS, CALSTIS, and CALWF3.

The latest HSTCAL release is version 1.5. HSTCAL is included in the Ureka distribution. Source code and stand-alone binaries are also available.

HSTCAL in Ureka

Ureka is a self-contained software bundle that includes Python 2.7.5, IRAF 2.16, and most software developed by the Science Software Branch, including HSTCAL.

You can find more information about Ureka at

Stand-alone binaries

If you do not want to install Ureka, you can download the HSTCAL binaries and use them directly.

For Linux:

    cd ~
    tar zxf hstcal-1.5.linux.tar.gz

For Intel Macintosh (OSX 10.5 / Leopard or later):

    cd ~
    tar zxf hstcal-1.5.mac.tar.gz

You have to place the HSTCAL bin directory on your PATH so that the binaries can be found.

For csh:

    set path = ( ~/hstcal-1.5/bin $path )

For sh:

    export PATH


To install HSTCAL from source, you must have a Python installation to control the code compilation, as well as a C compiler.

Download the source code and follow the instructions in INSTALL to compile HSTCAL.