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Dither/Drizzle - Examples

There are currently a total of 7 examples of using the Dither/Drizzle software. Each of the following directories contains IRAF 'cl' scripts for running the examples, as well as all the input data files that are required.

Before running any of the example scripts, please make sure all the following packages are loaded in your IRAF session:


Example description Instrument No. of Images Image dimensions Initial disk space for input files
Final disk space required
Total time on a Sparc Ultra 360MHz
Example 1: PC images of the planetary nebula IRAS17150-3224
-Directory listing
-Input GEIS files (tarfile 37 Mb)
-Input FITS files (tarfile 37 Mb)
WFPC2 5 800x800 37 308 6
Example 2: WFPC2 images of the edge-on galaxy NGC4565
-Directory listing
-Input GEIS files (tarfile 44 Mb)
-Input FITS files (tarfile 44 Mb)
WFPC2 3 800x800x4 44 796 14
Example 3: WFPC2 images of a crowded stellar field in the LMC
-Directory listing
-Input GEIS files (tarfile 123 Mb)
-Input FITS files (tarfile 123 Mb)
WFPC2 8 800x800x4 127 1730 36
Example 4: WFPC2 images of a sparse deep field (SSA22)
-Directory listing
-Input GEIS files (tarfile 177 Mb)
-Input FITS files (tarfile 177 Mb)
WFPC2 12 800x800x4 177 2498 54
Example 5: STIS/CCD images of the Hubble Deep Field - North
-Directory listing
-Input FITS files (tarfile 181 Mb)
STIS/CCD 18 1024x1024 181 1291 66
Example 6: NICMOS-2 images of the Cygnus Egg Nebula
-Directory listing
-Input FITS files (tarfile 4 Mb)
NIC2 4 256x256 4 54 1.5
Example 7: ACS/HRC Simulated Example
-Input files (tarfile)
ACS/HRC 8 1024x1024 298 1876 23

Copyright Notice (January 07, 2002)
-Anton Koekemoer