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WFPC2 Polarization Calibration Tool

Help on using this tool.

Give count rate per unit flux from SYNPHOT runs (optional).

Input value, or leave set to zero.

Spectral filter only:

Spectral filter + POLQ_PAR:

Spectral filter + POLQ_PERP:

Normally this program will apply a correction to the output which allows using SYNPHOT to convert counts to I, Q, and U calibrated fluxes. Choosing YES will apply this correction; if you do not want it, choose NO.

Give the spectral filter used:

If using LRF filter, give wavelength (Ang.):

Give the aperture, POLQ setting, and PA_V3 value for each observed image. If you have measured aperture counts for your target, you can input those, too.

1st image:

PA_V3 = Counts =

2nd image:

PA_V3 = Counts =

3rd image:

PA_V3 = Counts =

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