SBC PR110L and PR130L aXe Products

To use these calibration products with aXe, copy them into a directory and set your AXE_CONFIG_PATH environment variable to point to that directory.

Offsets in pixels (x,y) to be applied to coordinates measured on images obtained in filters other than F165LP:

                       dx     dy
            F115LP  -3.74  12.13
            F122M   -3.74  12.07
            F125LP   0.97  -2.44
            F140LP   2.88  -8.48
            F150LP  -0.31   1.26


aXe Downloadable files for PR110L and PR130L

All of the below files are available for download via ftp at Please remember that the sensitivity files are FITS TABLES and need to be opened with appropriate software.

  • aXe SBC PR110L configuration file: ACS.SBC.PR110L.Cycle13.4.conf
  • aXe SBC PR110L sensitivity curve: ACS.SBC.PR110L.Cycle13.sens.fits
  • aXe SBC PR110L flat-field cube: ACS.SBC.PR110L.Cycle13.FFCUBE.fits
  • aXe SBC PR130L configuration file: ACS.SBC.PR130L.Cycle13.3.conf
  • aXe SBC PR130L sensitivity curve: ACS.SBC.PR130L.Cycle13.2.sens.fits
  • aXe SBC PR130L flat-field cube: ACS.SBC.PR130L.Cycle13.FFCUBE.fits
  • All of the above in one gzip'ed tar file: ACS.SBC.calib.Cycle13.4.tar.gz
LAST UPDATED: 06/17/2019

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