HST Call for Proposals

The Call for Proposals (CP) invites the astronomical community to propose for observing time on HST in a given cycle (nominally one year in duration). It summarizes the policies and procedures for proposing in that cycle of HST observing, including requests for funding research on archival HST data. It also provides an overview of HST's expected capabilities for that observing cycle, including information about the telescope and the available scientific instruments.

  • Phase I

    Cassiopeia Supernova

    Documentation and instructions to support writing and submitting a proposal for HST observing time.

  • Phase II

    Phase II

    Guide for providing the details to schedule and obtain HST observations after a Phase I proposal approval.

  • Approved Programs

    Infrared Mountains of Creation

    Results from current and past HST proposal cycles, including approved programs and abstract and exposure catalogs.

Additional Proposing Resources


HST Help Desk 

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