Access to the TRDS Brown19 Models via MAST HLSP.

The TRDS BROWN19 Models are rest frame spectra of AGNs derived by Brown et al. (2019) from multiwavelength photometry and archival spectroscopy. We modified the original files part of the AGNSEDATLAS in the STScI MAST archive. Our files have wavelengths in units of \(\dot{A}\), and fluxes are tabulated in units of \(erg\ s^{-1}\ cm^{-2}\ \dot{A}^{-1}\).

Table 1 provides the list of models in our atlas.


Table 1 List of Brown Models
3c273_rest_spec.fits   3C273 Radio Loud QSO
ark120_rest_spec.fits ARK120 Seyfert 1.0 
mrk231_rest_spec.fits MRK231  Reddened QSO
ngc5728_rest_spec.fits NGC 5728 Seyfert 1.9
ngc7469_rest_spec.fits NGC 7469 Seyfert 1.5
pg0052+251_rest_spec.fits PG 0052+251 Radio Quiet QSO



  • Brown et al. 2019,MNRAS.489, 3351B                                              


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