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Providing Guidance

The Science Working Group (SWG) is a committee appointed by NASA Headquarters to provide guidance on the science goals and capabilities of JWST. The SWG will work in collaboration with the JWST Project, NASA HQ, and the astronomical community to provide coherent scientific leadership during the formulation, design, construction, launch, and early scientific operation of the JWST. During these phases, the SWG will be a liaison to the astronomy community and will assist NASA in the dissemination of information about the JWST. SWG members are expected to be knowledgeable in instrumental, laboratory, observational and theoretical astrophysics relevant to defining and focusing the scientific objectives for the JWST.

The SWG is chartered by and reports to the JWST Program Scientist at NASA HQ. It is the main scientific coordination body of the program. It is chaired by the JWST Senior Project Scientist and advises the JWST Project Manager and the JWST Program Scientist on a regular basis. The SWG consists of Ex Officio representatives of the three space agencies, the Lead Investigators of the science instruments, six competitively selected Interdisciplinary Scientists, and a Telescope Scientist.

You may view the full list of SWG members  or send questions or comments to the .


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The NASA James Webb Space Telescope, developed in partnership with ESA and CSA, is operated by AURA’s Space Telescope Science Institute.