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This table shows all the SODRM Galactic Science programs. The columns list the current SODRM program number, the estimated total time (exposure and direct overheads), the title, and the instruments used. Refer to the Galactic Program Information page for details.

Number Hours Title NIRCam NIRSpec NIRISS MIRI
93020 115.3 Scattered Light Mapping of Debris Disks X      
93021 60.8 Thermal Emission Mapping of Debris Disks       X
93022 44.1 Thermal Emission Spectroscopy of Debris Disks       X
93060 350.4 Imaging of Galactic Massive Star Forming Regions and Young Clusters X     X
93061 277.9 MOS Spectroscopy of Galactic Massive Star Forming Regions and Young Clusters   X    
93070 280.4 Imaging and Coronagraphy of Protoplanetary Disks X     X
93080 278.0 JWST Survey of the Orion Nebula X     X
93090 433.7 The Initial Mass Function at Sub-stellar Masses X      
93100 64.3 Revealing Outflows, Disks and Accretion Processes in High Mass Protostellar Objects (HMPOs)   X   X
93110 144.4 IFU Survey of Resolved Young Stellar Objects   X   X
93115 135.9 High Resolution Imaging-spectroscopy of Gas in Protoplanetary Disks   X   X
93120 124.0 Ice Mapping in Molecular Clouds   X   X
93130 95.2 IFU Mapping of PDRs/HI Filaments   X   X
93140 43.9 Energy Feedback into Star Forming Clouds   X    
93150 27.3 Galactic Center Monitoring X X    
93180 280.3 The JWST Globular Cluster Survey X      
93190 48.0 HST Legacy Astrometry X      
93200 280.3 White Dwarf Cooling Ages of Globular Clusters X      
93210 61.4 Dense Field Spectroscopy of Omega Cen   X    


Other SODRM Programs


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