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Access to the Bruzual-Persson-Gunn-Stryker Atlas files

The Bruzual-Persson-Gunn-Stryker Atlas is an extension of the Gunn-Stryker atlas where Bruzual and Persson have extended the original Gunn-Stryker optical spectra into the ultraviolet and infrared (up to 2.56 microns). The fluxes have been arbitrarily normalized to a visual magnitude of zero. The infrared energy distributions come from the Strecker et al (ApJ Suppl 41, 501, 1979) atlas, supplemented by unpublished data. The complete list of files can be found below. To obtain the individual spectra, go to BRUZUAL-PERSSON-GUNN-STRYKER ATLAS.

Table 1: List of Spectra in the Atlas*

Filename Target Type
bpgs_1.fits 9-SGR O5
bpgs_2.fits 9-SGE O8F
bpgs_3.fits HR8023 O6
bpgs_4.fits BD-01D935 B1V
bpgs_5.fits 60-CYG B1V
bpgs_6.fits 102-HER B2V
bpgs_7.fits ETA-HYA B3V
bpgs_8.fits IOTA-HER B3V
bpgs_9.fits HR7899 B4V
bpgs_10.fits 38-OPH A1V
bpgs_11.fits HR7174 B6V
bpgs_12.fits 9-VUL B7V
bpgs_13.fits HD189689 B9V
bpgs_14.fits THETA-VIR A0V
bpgs_15.fits NU-CAP B9V
bpgs_16.fits HR6169 A2V
bpgs_17.fits HD190849A A1V
bpgs_18.fits 69-HER A2V
bpgs_19.fits HD190849B A3V
bpgs_20.fits 58-AQL A0V
bpgs_21.fits 78-HER B9V
bpgs_22.fits HR6570 A7V
bpgs_23.fits HD187754 A2V
bpgs_24.fits THETA1-SER A5V
bpgs_25.fits PRAESEPE-276  
bpgs_26.fits PRAESEPE-114  
bpgs_27.fits PRAESEPE-154  
bpgs_28.fits HD190192 A5V
bpgs_29.fits PRAESEPE-226  
bpgs_30.fits PRAESEPE-37  
bpgs_31.fits HD191177 F4V
bpgs_32.fits PRAESEPE-332  
bpgs_33.fits BD+29D3891 F6V
bpgs_34.fits PRAESEPE-222  
bpgs_35.fits HD35296 F8V
bpgs_36.fits BD+26D3780 G0V
bpgs_37.fits HD148816 F9V
bpgs_38.fits HD155675 F8V
bpgs_39.fits PRAESEPE-418  
bpgs_40.fits HYAD-1  
bpgs_41.fits HD122693 F8V
bpgs_42.fits HD154417 F8V
bpgs_43.fits HYAD-2  
bpgs_44.fits HD227547 G5V
bpgs_45.fits HD154760 G2V
bpgs_46.fits HD190605 G2V
bpgs_47.fits HYAD-15  
bpgs_48.fits HD139777A K0V
bpgs_49.fits HD136274 G8V
bpgs_50.fits HYAD-26  
bpgs_51.fits HD150205 G5V
bpgs_52.fits HYAD-21  
bpgs_53.fits BD+02D3001 G8V
bpgs_54.fits HD190571 G8V
bpgs_55.fits HYAD-183  
bpgs_56.fits HD190470 K3V
bpgs_57.fits HD154712 K4V
bpgs_58.fits HYAD-185  
bpgs_59.fits BD+38D2457 K8V
bpgs_60.fits HYAD-173  
bpgs_61.fits GL40 M0V
bpgs_62.fits HYAD-189  
bpgs_63.fits HD151288 K7V
bpgs_64.fits HD157881 K7V
bpgs_65.fits HD132683 M0V
bpgs_66.fits GL15A M0V
bpgs_67.fits GL49 M2V
bpgs_68.fits GL109 M4V
bpgs_69.fits GL15B M6V
bpgs_70.fits GL83.1 M8V
bpgs_71.fits GL65 M5V
bpgs_72.fits HR7567 B1IV
bpgs_73.fits HR7591 B2III
bpgs_74.fits 20-AQL B3IV
bpgs_75.fits HR7467 B3III
bpgs_76.fits IOTA-LYR B7IV
bpgs_77.fits HR7346 B7III
bpgs_78.fits 59-HER A3III
bpgs_79.fits HR6642 A0IV
bpgs_80.fits 11-SGE B9IV
bpgs_81.fits 60-HER A3IV
bpgs_82.fits HD192285 A4IV
bpgs_83.fits ALPHA-OPH A5III
bpgs_84.fits HD165475B A5IV
bpgs_85.fits HD165475 A5IV
bpgs_86.fits XI-SER F0IV
bpgs_87.fits HD5132 F0IV
bpgs_88.fits HD508 A9IV
bpgs_89.fits HD210875 F0IV
bpgs_90.fits RHO-CAP F2IV
bpgs_91.fits HD7331 F7IV
bpgs_92.fits BD+63D0013 F5IV
bpgs_93.fits HD13391 G2IV
bpgs_94.fits HD154962 G8IV
bpgs_95.fits HD192344 G4IV
bpgs_96.fits HR6516 G6IV
bpgs_97.fits HR7670 G6IV
bpgs_98.fits HD128428 G3IV
bpgs_99.fits 31-AQL G8IV
bpgs_100.fits BD-02D4018 G5IV
bpgs_101.fits M67-F143?  
bpgs_102.fits HD11004 G5IV
bpgs_103.fits HD173399A G5IV
bpgs_104.fits HD56176 G7IV
bpgs_105.fits HD227693 G5IV
bpgs_106.fits HD199580 K2IV
bpgs_107.fits HD152306 G8III
bpgs_108.fits PRAESEPE-212  
bpgs_109.fits THETA1-TAU G8III
bpgs_110.fits HD170527 G5IV
bpgs_111.fits HD136366 K0III
bpgs_112.fits HD191615 G8IV
bpgs_113.fits HD124679 K0III
bpgs_114.fits HD131111 K0III
bpgs_115.fits HD113439 K0III
bpgs_116.fits HD4744 G8IV
bpgs_117.fits HD7010 K0IV
bpgs_118.fits 46-LMI K0III
bpgs_119.fits 91-AQR K0III
bpgs_120.fits M67-F141  
bpgs_121.fits HR8924A K3III
bpgs_122.fits HD140301 K0IV
bpgs_123.fits HD95272 K0III
bpgs_124.fits HD72184 K2III
bpgs_125.fits HD119425 K2III
bpgs_126.fits HD106760 K1III
bpgs_127.fits PSI-UMA K1III
bpgs_128.fits PHI-SER K1III
bpgs_129.fits HD136514 K3III
bpgs_130.fits MU-AQL K3III
bpgs_131.fits HR5227 K2IIIP
bpgs_132.fits HD154759 K3III
bpgs_133.fits 20-CYG K3III
bpgs_134.fits ALPH-SER K2III
bpgs_135.fits MU-LEO K2III
bpgs_136.fits BD+01D3131 K0III
bpgs_137.fits M67-F170  
bpgs_138.fits 18-LIB-A K2IIIP
bpgs_139.fits BD+28D2165 K1IV
bpgs_140.fits NGC188-1_69  
bpgs_141.fits BD+30D2344 K3III
bpgs_142.fits HD83618 K3III
bpgs_143.fits HD158885 K3III
bpgs_144.fits HD166780 K5III
bpgs_145.fits HD148513 K4III
bpgs_146.fits M67-T626  
bpgs_147.fits HD127227 K5III
bpgs_148.fits M67-IV-202  
bpgs_149.fits HD50778 K4III
bpgs_150.fits HD62721 K5III
bpgs_151.fits HD116870 M0III
bpgs_152.fits HD60522 M0III
bpgs_153.fits BD-01D3113 K5III
bpgs_154.fits BD+02D2884 K5III
bpgs_155.fits BD-02D3873 M0III
bpgs_156.fits HD104216 M2III
bpgs_157.fits HD142804 M1III
bpgs_158.fits HD30959 M3III
bpgs_159.fits HD151658 M2III
bpgs_160.fits BD-02D4025 M2III
bpgs_161.fits BD-01D3097 M2III
bpgs_162.fits TX-DRA  
bpgs_163.fits Z-CYG M8III
bpgs_164.fits BD+01D3133 M5III
bpgs_165.fits BD-02D3886 M5III
bpgs_166.fits W-HER M6III
bpgs_167.fits TY-DRA M8
bpgs_168.fits SW-VIR M7III
bpgs_169.fits RZ-HER M6III
bpgs_170.fits R-LEO  
bpgs_171.fits AW-CYG N
bpgs_172.fits WZ-CAS N
bpgs_173.fits 69-CYG B0IB
bpgs_174.fits HR7699 B5IB
bpgs_175.fits HR8020 B8IA


* Spectral types are taken from Gunn and Stryker paper, ApJ Supplement 52:121-153, 1983 June


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