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Director’s Discretionary Early Release Science Programs

To realize the James Webb Space Telescope’s full science potential, it is imperative that the science community quickly learns to use its instruments and capabilities. To get the community up to speed, STScI and the JWST Advisory Committee developed the Director’s Discretionary-Early Release Science (DD-ERS) program.

The DD-ERS observations will take place during the first 5 months of JWST science operations, following the 6-month commissioning period. The program selections were made in November 2017 and represent six science categories.

To view details about a specific program, select a science category below, then click the Program ID. For a description of the program and its expected impact on the community, click the Program Title instead. 

  • Archival Research

    ERS Programs have no exclusive access period and can be used as a basis for GO Cycle 1 Archival  Research (AR) Proposals.

ERS Science Categories


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The NASA James Webb Space Telescope, developed in partnership with ESA and CSA, is operated by AURA’s Space Telescope Science Institute.