Swire Galaxies

Access the model spectra of the TRDS SWIRE Galaxies via MAST HLSP

The TRDS SWIRE Galaxies are model spectra part of the SWIRE template library  downloaded  in June, 2020. The models have wavelengths in units of \(\dot{A} \) , and the fluxes are tabulated in units of \(erg\ s^{-1}\ cm^{-2}\ {\dot{A}}^{-1}\). For more information, please refer to the original SWIRE template library and the references given below.

The templates listed here correspond to galaxy models generated with the GRASIL code (Silva et al. 1998). The original models cover a wavelength range between 1000 \(\dot{A}\) and 1000 \(\mu m \) but were modified to be used with our tools. The wavelength coverage of our templates is 0.2 - 30 microns. For the spiral galaxy models, the 5-12\(\mu m\) region was replaced with observed IR spectra from ISO/PHT-S and Spitzer/IRS.       

Table 1 SWIRE Templates
Filename Type
elliptical_swire_2gyr.fits Elliptical 2 Gyr
elliptical_swire_5gyr.fits Elliptical 5 Gyr
elliptical_swire_13gyr.fits Elliptical 13 Gyr
spiral_swire_s0.fits  S0
spiral_swire_sa.fits  Sa
spiral_swire_sb.fits  Sb
spiral_swire_sc.fits  Sc
spiral_swire_sd.fits  Sd
spiral_swire_sdm.fits  Sdm
spiral_swire_spi4.fits  Spi4


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  • Silva L., Gianato G.L., Bressan A. & Danese L. 1998, ApJ, 509, 103                                      


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