Documentation Files

Hubble Frontier Fields view of MACSJ0717.5+3745


Post Observation Data Processing System to Calibration Data Base System Interface Control Document. R. Diaz, May 2012


Title Year Author
TR MESA 2018-001  2018 Matt McMaster
TIR CRDS 2015-01: Zodiacal Light Contribution for the Visual Region of the ETC Background 2015 R. Diaz
TIR CDBS 2012-01: pysynphot/Synphot Throughput Files: Mapping to Instrument Components for ACS, COS, and WFC3  2012 R. Diaz
TIR CDBS 2009-01: Assessment and Delivery of Reference Files  2009 R. Diaz, M. Cracraft
TIR CDBS 2009-01A: Assessment and Delivery of Reference Files  2009 R. Diaz
TIR CDBS 2009-02: Delivery of Reference Files to the Data Management Systems  2009 R. Diaz, M. Cracraft
TIR CDBS 2008-02: Delivery of Reference Files to the Data Management Systems  2008 R. Diaz
TIR CDBS 2008-01: Assessment and Delivery of Reference Files  2008 R. Diaz
TIR STIS 2006-01: Synphot Data Files (Creation, Testing, and Delivery for STIS)  2006 R. I. Diaz-Miller 
Synphot Delivery Procedures  2005 R. Diaz Miller
TIR CDBS 2005-01A: Assessment & Delivery of Reference Files 2005  
TIR CDBS 2005-02A: Delivery of Reference Files to the Data Management Systems  2005  
User's Guide for the CDBS Pipeline  2005 M. Swam
TIR 2003-01: Assessment & Delivery of Spectrographs Calibration Reference Files  2003 R. Diaz-Miller
CDBS Appendices  1998 CDBS
Delivering Calibration Reference Files  1998 C. Cox & C. Tullos
NICMOS History Database & Web Tools  1998 C. Tullos
Synphot Users Guide_0_4-1998  1998  
CAL-OSG-014 ISR_WWW Query Tool for CDBS_8-14-97  1997  
Loopfits  1997 B. Simon
Redesign of CDBS  1997 S. Lubow
Synphot Users Guide_0_8-1997.PDF  1997  
UPDATE_OPUS  1997 S. Kao
Calibration Database Data Design v6.0  1996 CDBS
cdbs_sql_gen  1996 R. Whitman
Certify  1996 B. Simon
comments_sql_gen  1996 R. Whitman
Directory Structure for CDBS  1996 S. Lubow
expload  1996 B. Simon
Installation Instructions for NEWCDBS  1996 B. Simon
mkcomptab  1996 B. Simon
mkload  1996 B. Simon
opus_sql_gen  1996 S. Kao
recreate_load_file  1996 R. Whitman
uniquename  1996 B. Simon
Synphot Users Guide Version 1.3.3_3-1995  1995  
SOB-93-05-27 How to Update the HST Instrument Graph and Throughput Tables in the CDBS_5-27-93  1993  
SOB-93-06-06 COSTAR Components Added to the HST Instrument Graph for FOC- GHRS and FOS_6-6-93  1993  
CAL-007 ISR Dynamic Generation of Throughput Functions-A Unified Approach_5-16-86  1986  
CAL-008 ISR Proposal to Implement a Dynamic Throughput Generator in CDBS_7-16-86  1986  
CAL-009 ISR Proposed Changes to SO-11_7-24-86  1986  
CAL-010 ISR Grids of Stellar and Non-stellar Flux Distributions_5-16-86  1986  
CAL-011 ISR A Synthetic Photometry Package_5-15-86  1986  
CAL-004 ISR Standard Astronomical Source for ST Volume I_12-13-84 1984  
CAL-001 ISR Space Telescope of Potential Standardization Targets_8-20-83  1983  
CAL-002 ISR Summary of Space Telescope Science Instrument Performance Characteristics - Preliminary_9-27-83  1983  
CAL-003 ISR The Space Telescope Calibration Data Base (Pre-launch Effort)_4-83  1983  
CAL-005 ISR Synthetic Photometry and the Calibration of the Hubble Space Telescope    
CAL-006 ISR (Spectro-) Photometric Calibration Data Flow     

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