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This table contains the GO wavecal aperture selection rules to be used in conjunction with the supported WAVECAL=NO option.

Grating Aperture Wavecal Aperture
G750L 52X0.05* 52X0.05
G750L 52X0.2* 52X0.2
G750L other 52X0.1
G750M 52X0.05* 52X0.05
G750M 52X0.2* 52X0.2
G750M other 52X0.1
G430L 52X0.05* 52X0.05
G430L 52X0.2* 52X0.2
G430L other 52X0.1
G430M 52X0.05* 52X0.05
G430M 52X0.2* 52X0.2
G430M other 52X0.1
G230LB 52X0.05* 52X0.05
G230LB 52X0.2* 52X0.2
G230LB other 52X0.1
G230MB 52X0.05* 52X0.05
G230MB 52X0.2* 52X0.2
G230MB other 52X0.1
E140H 0.2X0.2 0.2X0.2
E140H 6X0.2 6X0.2
E140H 0.1X0.03 0.1X0.03
E140H other 0.2X0.09
E140M 6X0.2 6X0.2
E140M 0.2X0.2 0.2X0.2
E140M 0.1X0.03 0.1X0.03
E140M other 0.2X0.06
E230H 0.1X0.03 0.1X0.03
E230H 0.1X0.09 0.1X0.09
E230H 0.1X0.2 0.1X0.2
E230H 0.2X0.2 0.2X0.2
E230H 6X0.2 6X0.2
E230H other 0.2X0.09
E230M 0.2X0.2 0.2X0.2
E230M 6X0.2 6X0.2
E230M 0.1X0.03 0.1X0.03
E230M other 0.2X0.06
G140L 52X0.05* 52X0.05
G140L 52X0.1* 52X0.1
G140L 52X0.2* 52X0.2
G140L 50CCD 52X0.1
G140L other 52X0.05
G140M 52X0.2* 52X0.2
G140M 52X0.1* 52X0.1
G140M 52X0.05* 52X0.05
G140M other 52X0.1
G230M 52X0.2* 52X0.2
G230M 52X0.05* 52X0.05
G230M other 52X0.1
G230L 52X0.1* 52X0.1
G230L 52X0.2* 52X0.2
G230L 52X0.05* 52X0.05
G230L 50CCD 52X0.1
G230L other 31X0.05NDC
PRISM 52X0.2* 52X0.2
PRISM other 52X0.05
Last Updated: 06/02/2023


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