Roman Software and Simulation Tools

Software and tools for the Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope are being developed by several partners. This page provides access to tools created and supported by STScI as well as links to the resources provided by partner institutions.

  • FOV Overlay

    Horsehead Nebula with WFI MAST footprint overlay

    FOV Overlay Tool allows display of the Roman focal plane footprint on sky images from the DSS, SDSS, or GALEX for proposal planning.

  • WebbPSF Simulation

    WebbPSF simulations

    Software for calculating high-fidelity point-spread function (PSF) models for Roman and adapted from JWST for precursor science planning.

  • Pandeia

    Pandeia simulation scene

    Multi-mission source simulator and Exposure Time Calculator for JWST and Roman calculate three-dimensional (x, y, lambda) data cubes for astronomical sources and scenes with various spatial and spectral properties.


    Simulated Roman Observation of M31

    Software for calculating simulated data for complex astronomical scenes, using instrument models and library catalogs for a range of stellar and/or galactic populations. Adapted from JWST.

Resources from Our Project Partners


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