The Application Process

The Space Telescope Science Institute (STScI) is operated by the Association of Universities for Research in Astronomy (AURA). We offer a range of positions—from scientists and engineers to visual artists and program managers—and we consistently focus our efforts on diversity and inclusion. We provide assistance to qualified international applicants in the acquisition of appropriate visas and other work documents required to work at STScI.

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  • Create a Profile

    New users should begin by creating a profile, which is known as “Presence,” using Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, or Microsoft Edge. This area should include all of your essential information. When applying to a specific position, you will have the ability to include documents from your “Presence” or opt to add new documents that are specific to the application.

  • Returning Applicants

    The recruiting system was updated on May 9, 2018. As a result, you may have issues using existing credentials to log in. If you have applied to a position in the prior three to six months:

    • To apply to a new position, select “Create/Reset your password” and enter the email address you used to create your original profile.
    • Applications that occurred prior to migration will no longer be visible on your “Application History.”
    • Documents uploaded prior to migration are no longer available.

    If you have not applied to the institute, simply select “Register” to create a “Presence” and begin the application process.

  • Review Saved Profiles and Résumés

    Returning users are encouraged to review their saved profiles and résumés before submitting new applications to ensure all information is up to date. When applying to a new position, you will be able to choose from previously uploaded documents in your “Presence” or upload a new one. We strongly recommend uploading a single document for each application (please see below for details). Review this section carefully. You must specify that you do not want document(s) that exist under your “Presence” to appear with a new application. (By default, all attachments associated with your “Presence” are submitted with a new application.) You may permanently delete attachments listed on your “Presence” page. Deletions will not impact your previous applications.

    When uploading or deleting files during a new application, you will be prompted to answer: “You've made changes to your documents. Would you like to save these changes to your presence?”

    • By answering Yes, those changes will become the documents you have saved on your “Presence,” but will not affect your previous applications.
    • By answering No, those documents will only be attached to your current application. Those documents will not be accessible from your “Presence” in the future. This will not affect your previous applications.
  • Apply for a Position

    Click on the job title to view the full job description. Click “Apply Now” at the top right of the job description to begin your application. Follow the directions on each screen, completing each field as required. You may upload up to 10 documents for each application (e.g., a publications list, letter of intent, reference letters, and essays).

  • Upload a Unique PDF

    We recommend that you include a single, combined PDF for each application. This document may include your cover letter, résumé or CV, a list of references, publication list, and research interests. Review the job description to see which documents are required for the position. Please include the requisition number in the filename, which is available on the “Browse Jobs” page. (Your filename should follow this format: First-Last-SYSTE02790.) This will help our staff immediately identify which file to review for each application.

  • Checking the Status of Your Application

    You will be able to check your application status by going to the Application Tab. Select a job you have applied to and you to see the date you applied and the “Current Step” for the position. The Current Step will indicate where your materials are in the hiring process.

If you need help navigating the upgraded application system, please contact our team at

Don’t see the perfect position? Please check back periodically to browse new opportunities. Interested applicants may also review AURA’s job opportunities.

Our offices are located on or near the Johns Hopkins University Homewood campus in Baltimore, Maryland.