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Access to the Jacoby-Hunter-Christian Atlas files

The Jacoby-Hunter-Christian Atlas contains 161 spectra of stars having spectral classes O to M and luminosity classes V, III, and I, with each spectrum covering the 3510 - 7427 Å wavelength region. More details about the pedigree of the spectra can be found in the original paper published by Jacoby, Hunter, and Christian 1984, ApJS 56, 257. See below for a complete list of the stars contained in this atlas. To get to the data and retrieve individual spectra, go to JACOBY-HUNTER-CHRISTIAN ATLAS

Table 1: List of Spectra in the Atlas

File Star Type
jc_1.fits HD 242908 O5 V
jc_2.fits HD 215835 O5.5 V
jc_3.fits HD 12993 O6.5 V
jc_4.fits HD 35619 O7 V
jc_5.fits HD 44811 O7.5 V
jc_6.fits HD 242935 O8 V
jc_7.fits HD 236894 O8 V
jc_8.fits HD 17520 O9 V
jc_9.fits HD 12323 O9 V
jc_10.fits BD +62 0249 O9.5 V
jc_11.fits HD 158659 B0 V
jc_12.fits HD 237007 B0 V
jc_13.fits HD 35215 B1.5 V
jc_14.fits HD 37767 B3 V
jc_15.fits FEIGE 40 B4 V
jc_16.fits HD 240344 B4 V
jc_17.fits HD 30584 B6 V
jc_18.fits O 1015 B8 V
jc_19.fits HD 116608 A1 V
jc_20.fits FEIGE 41 A1 V
jc_21.fits HD 124320 A2 V
jc_22.fits FEIGE 28 A2 V
jc_23.fits HD 190785 A2 V
jc_24.fits HD 221741 A3 V
jc_25.fits HD 9547 A5 V
jc_26.fits HD 21619 A6 V
jc_27.fits HD 23863 A7 V
jc_28.fits HD 111525 A7 V
jc_29.fits HD 9972 A8 V
jc_30.fits HD 23733 A9 V
jc_31.fits HD 10032 F0 V
jc_32.fits Hz 948 F3 V
jc_33.fits HD 23511 F4 V
jc_34.fits Hz 227 F5 V
jc_35.fits SAO 57199 F6 V
jc_36.fits HD 24189 F6 V
jc_37.fits HD 5702 F7 V
jc_38.fits HD 107132 F7 V
jc_39.fits HD 107214 F7 V
jc_40.fits HD 6111 F8 V
jc_41.fits HD 31084 F9 V
jc_42.fits HD 107399 F9 V
jc_43.fits HD 28099 G0 V
jc_44.fits HD 17647 G1 V
jc_45.fits HD 66171 G2 V
jc_46.fits BD +58 1199 G3 V
jc_47.fits Tr A14 G4 V
jc_48.fits HD 22193 G6 V
jc_49.fits HD 27685 G7 V
jc_50.fits HD 33278 G9 V
jc_51.fits HD 29050 G9 V
jc_52.fits HD 23524 K0 V
jc_53.fits HD 5351 K4 V
jc_54.fits SAO 76803 K5 V
jc_55.fits HD 260655 M0V
jc_56.fits BD +63 0137 M1 V
jc_57.fits YALE 1755 M5 V
jc_58.fits HD 13505 F0IV
jc_59.fits HD 83140 F3 IV
jc_60.fits HD 78277 G2 IV
jc_61.fits HD 70178 G5 IV
jc_62.fits HD 227018 O6.5 III
jc_63.fits SAO 11810 O7.5 III
jc_64.fits HD 191978 O8.5 III
jc_65.fits HD 16429 O9.5 III
jc_66.fits HD 13494 B1 III
jc_67.fits HD 12727 B2 III
jc_68.fits O 2311 B2 III
jc_69.fits SAO 11885 B2.5 III
jc_70.fits HD 166125 B3 III
jc_71.fits HD 39136 B4 III
jc_72.fits HD 56183 B4 III
jc_73.fits HD 256413 B5 III
jc_74.fits BD +61 0367 B7 III
jc_75.fits HD 28696 B8 III
jc_76.fits HD 20023 B9 III
jc_77.fits HD 12027 A3 III
jc_78.fits HD 240296 A6 III
jc_79.fits HD 12161 A8 III
jc_80.fits HD 64191 F0 III
jc_81.fits HD 5211 F4 III
jc_82.fits BD +61 0367 F5 III
jc_83.fits HD 56030 F6 III
jc_84.fits SAO 20603 F7 III
jc_85.fits HD 9979 F8 III
jc_86.fits HD 15866 G0 III
jc_87.fits BD +30 2347 G0 III
jc_88.fits HD 25894 G2 III
jc_89.fits HD 2506 G4 III
jc_90.fits BD +28 1885 G5 III
jc_91.fits HD 112872 G6 III
jc_92.fits HD 26514 G6 III
jc_93.fits HD 29883 G6 III
jc_94.fits HD 249240 G7 III
jc_95.fits HD 245389 G8 III
jc_96.fits SAO 55155 G9 III
jc_97.fits SAO 55164 K0 III
jc_98.fits HD 33506 K2 III
jc_99.fits SAO 77849 K2 III
jc_100.fits HD 26946 K3 III
jc_101.fits HD 21110 K4 III
jc_102.fits SAO 21753 K7 III
jc_103.fits SAO 63349 M3 III
jc_104.fits HD 110964 M4 III
jc_105.fits SAO 62808 M5 III
jc_106.fits HD 14357 B2 II
jc_107.fits BD -14 4956 B2 II
jc_108.fits BD -00 3227 F5 II
jc_109.fits HD 249384 G8 II
jc_110.fits HD 250368 G9 II
jc_111.fits HD 249826 K6 II
jc_112.fits BD +19 1947 M3 II
jc_113.fits BD +36 1967 M7 II
jc_114.fits BD -11 4586 O8 I
jc_115.fits HD 225160 O8 I
jc_116.fits HD 16808 B0.5 Ib
jc_117.fits HD 167451 B0.5 Ib
jc_118.fits BD -14 5030 B1.5 Ia
jc_119.fits HD 209678 B2 Ib
jc_120.fits SAO 20899 B3 I
jc_121.fits HD 192832 B5 Ia
jc_122.fits BD +61 0220 B7 I
jc_123.fits HD 17145 B8 Ia
jc_124.fits LSI V P24 B9 Ib
jc_125.fits HD 209900 A0 Ib
jc_126.fits SAO 11344 A0 Ib
jc_127.fits SAO 12149 A1 I
jc_128.fits 42 LSI A2 I
jc_129.fits SAO 87716 A3 Ia
jc_130.fits SAO 12096 A4 I
jc_131.fits HD 9167 A7 I
jc_132.fits HD 842 A9 I
jc_133.fits SAO 37370 F0 Ib
jc_134.fits BD +58 0204 F2 I
jc_135.fits HD 12842 F3 I
jc_136.fits SAO 21536 F4 I
jc_137.fits HD 9973 F5 Iab
jc_138.fits HD 8992 F6 Ib
jc_139.fits HD 17971 F7 I
jc_140.fits HD 187428 F8 Ib
jc_141.fits HD 25361 G0 Ia
jc_142.fits SAO 21446 G1 I
jc_143.fits BD +56 0084 G2 I
jc_144.fits HD 191010 G3 Ib
jc_145.fits HD 187299 G5 I
jc_146.fits HD 186293 K0 I
jc_147.fits SAO 37325 K1 Ib
jc_148.fits HD 1069 K2 I
jc_149.fits HD 1400 K5 I
jc_150.fits HD 14330 M1 Iab
jc_151.fits SAO 23888 M1 I
jc_152.fits HD 13136 M2 Ib
jc_153.fits HD 94028 F4 V
jc_154.fits SAO 102986 F7 V
jc_155.fits SAO 81292 M4.5 Ve
jc_156.fits HD 16691 O5 If
jc_157.fits HD 108 O6 If
jc_158.fits BD +40 4220 O7 If
jc_159.fits HD 13256 B1 Ia
jc_160.fits HD 50064 B1 Ia
jc_161.fits BD +51 0710 B5 Ib


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