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Retrieving files via the HST Archive interface

The retrieval of Reference Files is a little more complicated than retrieving HST data. Here we provide instructions on how to do it via the HST Archive interface.

Reference Files are retrieved via the HST Archive site as follows:

  • In the form enter only the first nine characters of the file name followed by an asterisk.
  • Click the button "Submit datasets for retrieval".
  • Click the button "Submit marked data for retrieval from STDADS".
  • Override the retrieval options: In the Retrieval Options window next to your Archive username and password go to the bottom of the "Retrieval Options" window. Override the defaults by selecting the extension(s) in the provided list or by entering them directly in the box. You must put as many extensions as the number of different types of reference files being requested (use commas to separate them). For example, if you are retrieving a bias reference file (with extension bia), enter "bia" in the box, or "enter a specific extension", then submit your request. Note: overriding the default retrieval options is necessary for reference files, otherwise the system will produce an empty request.


HST Help Desk 

Please contact the HST Help Desk with any questions.