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Preparing the Community

In November 2019, STScI hosted the inaugural JWST Master Class, an intensive week-long training session for 28 trainers selected from the community at large. These 28 Master Class graduates have received in-depth training on JWST and on the proposal preparation tools, and have been tasked with sharing that knowledge with other scientists by hosting one or more local workshops at their local institutions. This “train-the-trainers” concept in intended to seed the broad community with the know-how to write and submit JWST proposals, providing help during the open Cycle 1 call for proposals period where it will be most effective. Local training events may also help proposers build collaborations spanning a wider range of institutions, large and small. 


The Workshop-in-a-Box is a compendium of training and support materials that have been adapted from those used during the JWST Master Class at STScI. These materials can be used  for personal training or for organizing your own local proposal planning workshops. Links to the files are provided in the expandable sections below or you can download the entire set of materials in a zipped file. Of course, STScI also provides extensive help in the form of the JWST User Documentation system (JDox) as well as a series of short training videos for ETC, APT, and other resources, which are hosted on the JWST Observer YouTube channel. These materials are not duplicated in the Workshop-in-a-Box materials.

Schedule and Materials



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