Built at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory by an Investigation Definition Team (IDT) headed by John Trauger, WFPC2 was the replacement for the first Wide Field and Planetary Camera (WF/PC-1) and includes built-in corrections for the spherical aberration of the HST Optical Telescope Assembly (OTA). The WFPC2 was installed in HST during the First Servicing Mission in December 1993.

Early IDT report of the WFPC2 on-orbit performance: Trauger et al. (1994, ApJ, 435, L3)
A more detailed assessment of its capabilities: Holtzman et al. (1995, PASP, 107, page 156 and page 1065).

The WFPC2 was used to obtain high resolution images of astronomical objects over a relatively wide field of view and a broad range of wavelengths (1150 to 11,000 Å). WFPC2 was installed during the first HST Servicing Mission in 1993 and removed during Servicing Mission 4 in 2009. WFPC2 data can be found on the MAST Archive.



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2010-05: WFPC2 Filters After 16 Years on Orbit

December 14, 2010P. L. Lim, M. Quijada, S. Baggett, J. Biretta, J. MacKenty, R. Boucarut, S. Rice, and J. del Hoyo

2010-04: The Dependence of WFPC2 Charge Transfer Efficiency on Background Illumination

December 01, 2010D. Golimowski and J. Biretta

2010-03: WFPC2 CTE for Extended Sources: I. Photometric Correction

August 13, 2010N. A. Grogin, R. Lucas, D. Golimowski, and J. Biretta

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