Reports and Reference Collection

A variety of reference material is available for astronomers interested in learning more about the Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope, as well as to explain Roman's capabilities to a wide variety of audiences. The technical reports and papers listed below document technical work relevant to the Roman mission which has been carried out, led, or co-led by staff at the Space Telescope Science Institute (STScI). Also included below is a collection of reference documents and brochures summarizing Roman’s scientific capabilities, as well as resources for astronomers interested in building a Roman-focused presentation appropriate for a wide variety of audiences, including a slide deck and visual library.

Roman related presentations at events organized or co-sponsored by STScI can be searched and viewed on the events page.

Additional resources can be found at the sites of our Roman mission partners. A document library is maintained by NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC), and a list of mission documents created by project partners is maintained by IPAC. GSFC also maintains a library of images and multimedia and a library of presentations and documents.


Front cover of brochure with a graphic identifier of the Roman Space Telescope at the top, an illustration of Nancy Grace Roman at the bottom, and the title Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope Science and Technical Brochure in the middle.

June 2024

Roman Science and Technical Overview

This six-panel trifold brochure provides a current overview of the scientific capabilities, technical specifications, and operations of the Nancy Grade Roman Space Telescope. The brochure is a condensed, updated, and redesigned version of the 36-page booklet previously published here.

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Expanding Our View Brochure

Targeted for launch in the mid-2020s, the Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope will revolutionize astronomy by building on the science discoveries and technological leaps of the Hubble and Webb space telescopes.

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Technical Reports, White Papers, and Conference Presentations

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Technical Reports

Overview Presentation and Visual Library

Artistic rendition of the Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope on a space background with The text Expanding Our ViewExpanding Our View Presentation

November 2023

This presentation highlights the science that will be enabled by the Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope. The presentation includes notes for the presenter and can be used as a whole or in parts. It has been updated with accessibility in mind and additional file formats are available below.


Representación artística del telescopio espacial Nancy Grace Roman sobre un fondo espacial con el logotipo de la misión Roman y el texto Ampliando nuestra visiónPresentación "Ampliando Nuestra Visión"

Noviembre 2023 

Esta presentación resalta los temas científicos que podrán ser abordados con el telescopio espacial Nancy Grace Roman. La presentación incluye notas para el orador y puede ser utilizada en su totalidad o en partes. La presentación ha sido actualizada teniendo en cuenta la accesibilidad y se encuentra disponible en otros formatos de archivo a continuación.


Roman Visual Library

Roman-related images, captions, credits, and image source locations are available in the Roman Visual Library


Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope insignia

The NASA Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope is managed by NASA/GSFC with participation of STScI, Caltech/IPAC, and NASA/JPL.

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