About Event

Fri 7 Apr 2023


Space Telescope Science Institute (STScI)
3700 San Martin Drive
Baltimore, MD 21218


12:00 PM - 1:30 PM EDT


Life is a planetary phenomenon and it is tuned to the conditions found on our planet that enable its existence. What is tuned, specifically, is the chemistry that occurs within cells, and enzymes are what makes chemistry within cells possible. In this talk, I will discuss our recent efforts reviving ancient life in the laboratory and implications for planetary habitability. Finally, I will discuss what lessons from Earth’s deep past may inform us for life’s universal features.

Speaker: Betül Kacar (University of Wisconsin-Madison)


Talks are held in the STScI John N. Bahcall Auditorium. Light lunch (provided) starts at 12pm; talk starts at 12:30pm.

Planets, Life, and the Universe Lecture Series presentations are also webcast live. Webcasts can be viewed at the STScI webcast site during the scheduled presentation, and can be found afterward in the STScI webcast archive.

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