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Benefits of the Program

The majority of time as a Space Astronomy Summer Program student will be spent working on a directed research, outreach, or support project in partnership with a mentor. Our overarching goals for students are:

  • Hands-on experience with professional-level work in the sciences and space mission support
  • Exposure to the techniques and software relevant to your area of interest
  • To complete a portion of a project that leads to a significant result or has a significant impact on the astronomical community or the public

At the end of the program, students are asked to give a short presentation about what they have accomplished. Watch a few recent presentations.

The program also offers a variety of benefits, including:

Intern Lecture Series

What does it take to pursue a career in astronomy? The Space Telescope Science Institute has a broad range of professionals, which is why we ask members of our staff to give weekly lectures about their education and career paths in computer science, project management, education, and outreach. Lectures also relate to our missions, the practices of professionals on our staff, and the research done by our scientific staff.

Extracurricular Activities

Students are encouraged to use their free time to get to know one another and explore Baltimore and the surrounding areas. While we plan some activities, including a guided tour of NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland, students are also encouraged to plan their own. For example, time will be available to visit local cities like Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, and New York City, or other places in the mid-Atlantic region.

2019 SASP group photo