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Postdoctoral Fellow

Claire Murray is a postdoctoral fellow working with Josh Peek and the ISM@STScI group. Claire joined STScI in Fall 2017, after finishing her PhD in the Department of Astronomy at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and undergraduate degree in Physics at Carleton College (2011). Claire's research interests include how star-forming material cycles through the local interstellar medium (ISM) in various ionized, dusty, neutral and molecular phases; the structure of the ISM; and the nature of gas flows in galaxies. 

Science Interests:

  • Phase transitions in the ISM
  • Multi-dimensional ISM structure
  • Gas accretion and feedback in galaxies
  • The Magellanic System
  • Radio interferometric techniques


Research Topics: Interstellar medium, Star formation, Radio astronomy


Professional Websites:

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