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Access to the Gunn-Stryker Atlas files

The Gunn-Stryker Atlas consists of 175 spectra of stars covering a complete range of spectral types and luminosity classes. The spectra given here are uncorrected by extinction and normalized to ST V magnitude. Each individual spectrum covers the 3130 to 10800 Å wavelength range. More details about the spectra can be found in the original publication by Gunn & Stryker 1983, ApJS 52, 121. The complete list of files can be found in the gs.lis file below. To find individual spectra in the GS Atlas, go to GUNN-STRYKER ATLAS.

Table 1: Lists of Spectra in the Atlas

gs_1.fits O5
gs_2.fits O8F
gs_3.fits O6
gs_4.fits B1V
gs_5.fits B1V
gs_6.fits B2V
gs_7.fits B3V
gs_8.fits B3V
gs_9.fits B4V
gs_10.fits A1V
gs_11.fits B6V
gs_12.fits B7V
gs_13.fits B9V
gs_14.fits A0V
gs_15.fits B9V
gs_16.fits A2V
gs_17.fits A1V
gs_18.fits A2V
gs_19.fits A3V
gs_20.fits A0V
gs_21.fits B9V
gs_22.fits A7V
gs_23.fits A2V
gs_24.fits A5V
gs_28.fits A5V
gs_31.fits F4V
gs_33.fits F6V
gs_35.fits F8V
gs_36.fits G0V
gs_37.fits F9V
gs_38.fits F8V
gs_41.fits F8V
gs_42.fits F8V
gs_44.fits G5V
gs_45.fits G2V
gs_46.fits G2V
gs_48.fits K0V
gs_49.fits G8V
gs_51.fits G5V
gs_53.fits G8V
gs_54.fits G8V
gs_56.fits K3V
gs_57.fits K4V
gs_59.fits K8V
gs_61.fits M0V
gs_63.fits K7V
gs_64.fits K7V
gs_65.fits M0V
gs_66.fits M0V
gs_67.fits M2V
gs_68.fits M4V
gs_69.fits M6V
gs_70.fits M8V
gs_71.fits M5V
gs_72.fits B1IV
gs_73.fits B2III
gs_74.fits B3IV
gs_75.fits B3III
gs_76.fits B7IV
gs_77.fits B7III
gs_78.fits A3III
gs_79.fits A0IV
gs_80.fits B9IV
gs_81.fits A3IV
gs_82.fits A4IV
gs_83.fits A5III
gs_84.fits A5IV
gs_85.fits A5IV
gs_86.fits F0IV
gs_87.fits F0IV
gs_88.fits A9IV
gs_89.fits F0IV
gs_90.fits F2IV
gs_91.fits F7IV
gs_92.fits F5IV
gs_93.fits G2IV
gs_94.fits G8IV
gs_95.fits G4IV
gs_96.fits G6IV
gs_97.fits G6IV
gs_98.fits G3IV
gs_99.fits G8IV
gs_100.fits G5IV
gs_102.fits G5IV
gs_103.fits G5IV
gs_104.fits G7IV
gs_105.fits G5IV
gs_106.fits K2IV
gs_107.fits G8III
gs_109.fits G8III
gs_110.fits G5IV
gs_111.fits K0III
gs_112.fits G8IV
gs_113.fits K0III
gs_114.fits K0III
gs_115.fits K0III
gs_116.fits G8IV
gs_117.fits K0IV
gs_118.fits K0III
gs_119.fits K0III
gs_121.fits K3III
gs_122.fits K0IV
gs_123.fits K0III
gs_124.fits K2III
gs_125.fits K2III
gs_126.fits K1III
gs_127.fits K1III
gs_128.fits K1III
gs_129.fits K3III
gs_130.fits K3III
gs_131.fits K2III
gs_132.fits K3III
gs_133.fits K3III
gs_134.fits K2III
gs_135.fits K2III
gs_136.fits K0III
gs_138.fits K2III
gs_139.fits K1IV
gs_141.fits K3III
gs_142.fits K3III
gs_143.fits K3III
gs_144.fits K5III
gs_145.fits K4III
gs_147.fits K5III
gs_149.fits K4III
gs_150.fits K5III
gs_151.fits M0III
gs_152.fits M0III
gs_153.fits K5III
gs_154.fits K5III
gs_155.fits M0III
gs_156.fits M2III
gs_157.fits M1III
gs_158.fits M3III
gs_159.fits M2III
gs_160.fits M2III
gs_161.fits M2III
gs_163.fits M8III
gs_164.fits M5III
gs_165.fits M5III
gs_166.fits M6III
gs_167.fits M8
gs_168.fits M7III
gs_169.fits M6III
gs_171.fits N
gs_172.fits N
gs_173.fits B0IB
gs_174.fits B5IB
gs_175.fits B8IA


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