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Observatory Scientist
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Dr. Carol Christian is the Hubble Space Telescope Outreach Project Scientist at Space Telescope Science Institute. She is responsible for the scientific accuracy of HST information produced for students, educators, the media and the general public. She is a collaborator on several programs investigating studies of star clusters in other galaxies. She also co-hosts bi-weekly Hangouts supported by the American Astronomical Society and has created a number of educational and outreach programs based on astronomy. She is co-founder of the HST 3D Astronomy program creating tactile resources for visually impaired individuals.

She was a voice on WYPR, the Baltimore NPR radio station where she co-hosted the astronomy vignette "Skywatch". As the Astronomer in Residence for the Center for Emerging Media in Baltimore, she now co-hosts a podcast available on iTunes called "This Week in Space Telescopes" or TWIST.

In 2003-2006, for part of her time, she served as a Science and Technology Policy Advisor at the US Department of State, working on promoting pervasive use of Geographic Information Systems and satellite remote sensing data to State bureaus and posts. Her home base was the Information Technology group, eDiplomacy.

From 1995 to 2001, she was the Head of the STScI Office of Public Outreach.

Science Interests:

  • Star formation histories of nearby galaxies
  • Emerging Technologies for pubic understanding of science
  • Assistive technologies for visually impaired and other demographic groups
  • 3D Printing
  • Use of GIS, citizen science and other technologies for public policy


Research Topics: Star Clusters, Local Group Galaxies, 3D Printing, Outreach, Citizen Science, Emerging and Assistive Technologies, Geographic Information Systems


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