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Julia Toman-Duval

ESA-AURA Astronomer
Julia Roman-Duval headshot

Julia Roman-Duval is an ESA-AURA Astronomer at STScI. Functionally, she is part of the HST/COS and JWST/NIRISS teams. On the HST side, she has been leading large efforts such as the lifetime position moves. On the JWST side, she has been in charge of testing the NIRISS calibration pipeline. Her long-term research objective is to understand the physical processes that dynamically shape the structure and properties of the inter-stellar medium (ISM) and how these properties influence the star formation process and the evolution of galaxies. Her focus over the last few years has been to study dust evolution in the ISM and molecular clouds in nearby galaxies. Julia co-leads the ISM@STScI working group with Karl Gordon, Josh Peek, and Martha Boyer.

Science Interests:

  • Structure, composition, scaling relations in molecular clouds (mm, HI 21 cm)
  • Characterization of turbulence in molecular clouds and its relation to star formation
  • Distribution of diffuse and dense molecular gas in nearby galaxies and how it relates to the star formation efficiency
  • HI-H2 transition and environmental dependence
  • Dust properties and abundance in nearby galaxies using FIR, mm, and radio emission
  • Depletions from UV spectroscopy
  • UV Extinction curves
  • Extinction mapping with HST


Research Topics: Interstellar Medium, Interstellar Dust, ISM Phases, Molecular Clouds, ISM turbulence, Star formation, Milky Way, Nearby Galaxies, UV, IR, mm-radio Astronomy


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