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Martha is the Deputy Branch Manager of the JWST/NIRCam Branch, with focus on calibration and commissioning. Her research revolves around evolved stars in nearby galaxies, particularly on stellar evolution and dust production.  She is the PI of DUSTiNGS (Spitzer survey of Local Group galaxies), the PI of the near-IR portion of LUVIT (HST UV, optical, and IR survey of metal-poor resolved galaxies), and the PI of several HST programs focused on AGB stars in M33 and M31.  She is also a core co-I of the Resolved Stellar Populations JWST ERS program.  Martha obtained her PhD from the University of Minnesota in 2008. Before arriving to STScI in 2016, she was a JWST postdoctoral fellow at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center.


PhD in Astronomy, University of Minnesota


Science Interests:

  • Dust production by low-to-intermediate mass stars
  • Stellar evolution
  • Galaxy dust budgets and dust evolution
  • Crowded field photometry
  • Metal-poor dust production and ties to the early Universe


Research Topics: Local Group Galaxies; Interstellar Medium; Dust; Resolved Stellar Populations


Professional Websites:

Professional Website


ORCID ID: 0000-0003-4850-9589


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