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Nikolay is an AURA Associate Scientist at STScI. Functionally, he is an instrument scientist with responsibility for the JWST/NIRCam and HST/WFC3 calibration in the context of time series observations of transiting exoplanets.

His research focuses on the detection and atmospheric characterization of transiting exoplanets. His work has aimed to survey the chemical compositions, clouds/hazes and physical processes of close-in exoplanets and place constraints on the formation and migration pathways of irradiated exoplanets.

He has acted as the principle investigator of a number of programs on the Very Large Telescope, Hubble and Spitzer Space Telescopes.


PhD in Astronomy, Heidelberg University


Science Interests:

  • Detection and characterization of exoplanets and their atmospheres
  • Analysis and interpretation of optical and infrared exoplanet time series
  • Observations from telescopes in space and the ground


Research Topics:  Exoplanets

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ORCID ID:  0000-0002-65003574


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