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I am a Instrument Scientist at STScI working on the JWST Mid-Infrared Instrument (MIRI).  As we prepare the software, documentation, and user tools, my focus is on the infrared sensors and technologies.  My science research includes supernovae and their progenitors, which will be a big part of JWST science.

Science Interests:

  • JWST MIRI Detector Characterization
  • JWST Documentation Working Group Lead
  • STScI MIRI Cryocooler Scientist
  • Supernova progenitor identification
  • Supernova dust production
  • Massive star evolution and pre-explosion mass-loss
  • Infrared search for dust extinguished supernovae


Research Topics: JWST, MIRI, Infrared, Detectors, Instrumentation, Supernova, Progenitors, Dust, Transients


Professional Websites:

Professional Website

Twitter: @fox_ori


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