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Stephanie La Massa

Stephanie La Massa headshot

Dr. Stephanie LaMassa is a Support Scientist and Branch Manager of the JWST NIRISS Instrument team. Steph studies the growth and evolution of supermassive black holes and the interplay between AGN activity and star formation from a multi-wavelength perspective. Steph is also interested in understanding how highly variable AGN provide insight into black hole fueling and AGN lifetimes.


PhD in Physics and Astronomy, The Johns Hopkins University
MA in Physics and Astronomy, The Johns Hopkins University
BA in Astronomy and Physics, Boston University


Science Interests:

  • AGN demographics revealed by multi-wavelength surveys
  • Physically-motivated X-ray modeling of obscured AGN
  • AGN/Star formation connection
  • Observational constraints on duty cycle and lifetimes of AGN


Research Topics: Supermassive Black Holes; Galaxy Formation and Evolution; AGN and Quasars


ORCID ID: 0000-0002-5907-3330


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